Reformer/Combo Class

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Combo Equipment Class is the best because you get to use all the equipment: Reformer, Cadillac, Tower, and Chair by combining different pieces of equipment .  It challenges your core, improves your alignment and balance.

OOV Class

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Made from highly durable foam to complement the natural curve of the spine. The Oov works by activating core stabilizing muscles while also gently extending the spine to stimulate healthy intervertebral disc lubrication.  From stretching to core strengthening to rehabilitation or for relaxation purposes, the Oov offers significant benefits for spinal health. This is not part of a Mat Package….

Intermediate Kettle Bell Class

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Our kettlebell training focuses on functional, full-body movements rather than isolated muscle actions. This means that your strength transfers to your real life, so you can pick up the kids, improve your race times, improve your golf swing, and enhance athletic performance. It is a type of power endurance exercise that increases flexibility and promotes fluidity in movement and the…

Mat Class

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This is a beginners to intermediate class  focusing on the basic pilates mat class for modification for the different body types with the use of props to enhance body awareness, breathing and improve core and flexibility.

Mat with Functional Movement

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This is an intermediate class for people looking to challenge their core, and improve their mobility, strength and flexibility. This class uses a variety of props to enhance your standing balance activities in daily life.

Exercise Ball Class

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Exercise: Stretching, supine, prone and sitting exercises.
This strengthens the core, increasing mobility and flexibility using the large exercise ball. This class is recommended for anyone who would like to challenge to improve their core flexibility, and mobility. Not recommended for those with osteoporosis

Functional Movement

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The following is an example of a basic human movement program with exercises and comparable daily living activities such as: Squat, Lunge, Hinge, Push, Pull, Rotate, and Walk. These exercises will improve balance, mobility and flexibility and build your core. This class is a class for people over 50 who would like to improve their balance, mobility and core.

Introduction to Interval Training Class

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Interval training is a type of training that involves a series of low- to high-intensity exercise workouts interspersed with rest or relief periods. The high-intensity periods are typically at or close to anaerobic exercise, while the recovery periods involve activity of lower intensity.  This class is an excellent starting point for looking to improve their core and challenge them to a higher intensity…