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Hello, I’m Alan Payne! My goal is to stimulate you, to strengthen and to trust

Alan Payne

Experience25 Year
Alan, a Certified Personal Trainer, played all of the traditional sports when in high school and did intramural wrestling in college. He became involved for several years in club bicycle racing. Alan was also involved in powerlifting and pursued that for a few years and competed some. Alan got interested in kettle bell training in 2007 and started taking lessons. He studied with Danny Sawaya and Kory, David Cohn and a workshop with Steve Cotter. Alan is continually finding new ways to use this training tool and incorporate them into his Kettle Bell classes. Alan has also trained with James Wing Woo for ten years in Hung Gar style Kung fu.
My skill
Pilates 87%
Kettle Bells 92%
Kung Fu 69%
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