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Fall Prevention

admin May 4, 2017 0 comments 0

Fall prevention:

  • Check for throw rugs. Can get sticky backing for loose rugs at Bobbie Joes. Ideally no rugs.
  • Check for electrical cords that could cause a fall.
  • Consider grab bars in bathroom for toilet, shower, tub and maybe in other places like the pantry depending on your personal situation.
  • Consider railings for steps in back and front yard or for step downs inside the house.
  • Consider tub and shower slip proof mats. Get out of tub or shower the same way every time so you are sure of your balance. Keep your cell phone in the bathroom when showering or bathing so it’s close in case you fall.  
  • Do not change furniture arrangement frequently. Study the room’s most frequent walkways, make sure they are clear for walking, have furniture placement such that you can hang onto it if you get dizzy.
  • Clear clutter in closets.
  • Change out bedspreads that fall too far onto the floor that you could get tangled on them.
  • If you get dizzy bending over put frequently used items higher up on shelves and squat with head up when picking up items lower down.
  • When you take your shoes off put them in a place that is not in the walk way or put them where they really belong.
  • When you take off clothes do not leave them in the walking path.
  • If getting ready to take trash out watch for leaks from bag and clean them up immediately. If you get interrupted put the bag down out of the way so you don’t forget it’s there and trip on it.
  • Have any steps well lit all the time or have a sensor so they come on when light is low.
  • If your patio is slippery when wet be more careful than usual.
  • Evaluate your yard for ways to make more stable walking areas.
  • Create safe steps up to raised beds.

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